Skyla Wayrynen

My name is Skyla, you can tell I was named by an artist. I was born into a family of artists 20 years ago, and surrounded since infancy by all kinds of artistic craft. I was encouraged from the time I was in diapers to create and freely explore my creativity, in fact, I was nine when I very confidently, and ambitiously, completed my first self-portrait. That started something in me; I wanted to be better and so I went to the beginning: I painted florals and still life, then animals and human articulations before moving into landscapes. Now, as I continue to change and grow I am experimenting with abstracts. My weapon of choice is in this endeavor is the palate knife because I prefer the texture of the finished stroke.

A part of my high school curriculum was a two-year AP program in Fine Arts. I completed the course material in one year. I was also very athletic in high school and continue to be, but I’ve always had a desire to blend my artistic creativity and athletic lifestyle into something more meaningful. I spent one year after high school attending Queens University in Ontario before returning to my hometown of Vancouver to attend The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I have subsequently graduated as a certified Holistic Nutritionist.

I am now studying to become a certified Fitness Instructor and combined the two to lead group fitness classes in which I also educate on nutrition. This will allowed me to travel worldwide and teach fitness at wellness events for young adults. 

In a deeper context, where the blending of my interests happen, this personal fitness and nutrition education is part of a larger message of personal wellbeing that I am trying to cultivate and share with people verbally and visually. I strive to educate on the power of thought and the importance of positivity and self-nurturing. It is my priority to motivate and inspire others to find happiness through nutrition and fitness, and create for themselves the wellbeing we can see in our heads, but don’t yet understand how to apply to canvas.